Friday, October 14, 2011

Sign Language

A good outdoor sign or media ad visually tells a story with very few words.  Here is an example.  First, the product.  It appears to be a commercial (actually military) grade radio.  Judging by the size of the antenna, it is apparently designed for VHF or UHF.  Since their is no display, it probably has 16 channels which is the normal limit for a top mounted channel selector.  Actually, this radio can do up to 16 analog channels (wide or narrow band) or up to 32 channels in the digital operating mode (more about that shortly).

The radio is black which means it is designed to appeal to men, actually men who are involved in rigorous activities like construction, manufacturing, or law enforcement.  Now, the question is What do those symbols on the right mean?

Well, the one at the top means this radio is designed is compatible with the Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) standard, the same one used by the MotoTRBO radio by Motorola and the Vertex Standard VXD series, basically a cosmetic variation of MotoTRBO (for those who don't know that Motorola owns Vertex Standard).  Anyway, DMR is well on the way toward becoming the digital radio standard in the USA, and the radio shown in this ad utilizes this standard.

What makes this radio different are the two icons below the DMR logo, starting with the IP67 circle.  So what does that mean?  It means this radio (actually a Hytera model PD702) is super sealed against dust and moisture.  How secure, you may ask? Let's put it like this.  You can drop it in three feet of water and leave there for a half hour with no damage or degradation of performance.  There is a neat little video available by clicking here that demonstrates our point!

The next icon is self explanatory.  The standard warranty for this radio is 5 full years including both parts and labor.  And, when you buy your PD702 from Falcon Direct, you get free shipping, free programming, and free use of an exchange unit it you ever need service during the warranty period.  You just pay the shipping.  We take care of everything else!

And, What about the price?  The answer is clear, just $499.  That is no more (actually less) than a good quality analog only radio.  So what do you think of our ad?  Did it do it's job?  Do you want more information?  Click hereAre you ready to buy?, Click here, or just give us a call at 205.854.2611.