Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Serving those who serve others.......

Many private and some public schools have student enrollments of less than 100 with a teaching staff of less than ten.  

This makes for a good student teacher ratio, but budgets and resources are always tight.  

A recent visit to one of these schools disclosed a troublesome lack of communications between administrative offices and classroom teachers.

With no intercoms or PA system, the only means of communicating involved runners (if available).  This can lead to disruptions for staff, an inability to provide a quick response, and occasional conflict between staff and parents.

An affordable and efficient solution proved to be our EZ-Call system.  In the office, a desk calculator sized wireless intercom provides instant contact with up to ten staff members, either as a group, or individually.  The cost?  Under $350!

Staff members are equipped with a tiny wireless transceiver that can be alerted from the office as necessary, either privately or as part of a group.  The lightweight (under 5 ounces) personal communicator transmits a personal ID for each user which is displayed on the office unit.  Classroom 2 appears as the number “2” on the display of the office control unit.  In an emergency, a teacher of staff member can summon assistance just by pushing a call button to silently alert the office of a distress situation.  They don’t even have to speak in an emergency situation!  The cost?  Under $150!

Unlike wired intercom systems, no installation or wiring is required.  EZ-Call is a simple Plug and Play system with minimal purchase and operating cost.  Want to see a system in operation? Just give us a call at 205.854.2611.