Saturday, October 30, 2010

New affordable CAD systems now available!

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) improves operator efficiency for both private and 911 dispatch centers. By knowing the location of fleet vehicles, the dispatchers can select the nearest available responder with minimal effort.

The key to an efficient CAD system is a combination of a GPS receiver in fleet vehicles plus a means of transmitting location data for distribution to operators and administrators.  Currently, the most efficient systems distribute vehicle location information via the Internet which allows password protected access at multiple locations.  For example, an Internet based system allows vehicle location viewing at one or more dispatch positions as well as administrative PC’s either at the dispatch center and/or elsewhere as desired.

The GPS data collected by the vehicle receiver must be transmitted from the vehicle to an Internet connected access point.  Falcon Direct offers three options to accomplish this objective beginning with a “live” reporting system that continually tracks all vehicles in real time.  The equipment cost is minimal, installation is easy, and the cost of connectivity is less than the cost of a cellular data card.

Live vehicle location reporting systems include “back office” program software which is provided at no charge.  The latest variation of the Live Tracking system utilizes an existing cellular data card service associated with vehicle computing systems.  Law enforcement vehicles are rapidly adopting vehicle computers as a basic tool for report generation and information access.  Most PC’s designed for use in police vehicles have a GPS receiver already built in as well as WiFi transceivers and cellular air cards.

Our Live Tracking software can be covertly loaded on an existing air card equipped vehicle PC to provide 24/7 vehicle tracking. You get complete daily reports and email notification of significant items of interest such as extended stops, excessive speed, or travel outside an assigned area.  Once loaded by an administrator, the driver has no way of knowing the GPS system is operational.  It’s kind of like having supervisory personnel in every vehicle!  You won’t believe the cost!

The absolutely most affordable system can be used in conjunction with many popular 2-way radios to provide automatic reporting each time the vehicle radio talks or, if desired, the location of any vehicle can be queried at any time.  There are NO monthly airtime charges associated with these systems!

If you would like more information on affordable and efficient vehicle tracking and Computer Aided Dispatching, just give us a call at 205.854.2611 or email  You’ll be glad you did!