Thursday, October 14, 2010

The V-COM Solution To The Top 3 Fire Communications Problems!

A number of Alabama Fire Departments recently received $2,500 grants to improve communications. The question most commonly asked was what can we do with this small amount of money to provide the most benefit for our department?

The answer is V-COM exclusively available from Falcon Direct!  The V-Com system provides a vehicular repeater to extend portable talk-back range from poor coverage areas.  The inability to communicate back to dispatch from marginal coverage areas was recently rated as the number one issue with the majority of fire departments, both rural (when in remote areas) and urban (when in buildings).  V-Com addresses and corrects both problems!

The second biggest complaint was being heard.  Drivers and pump operators can’t hear the radio due to high noise levels associated with sirens and pump operation.  Worse yet, dispatch operators can’t hear drivers and pump operators due to background noise on the scene.  To make matters worse, noise levels on fire vehicles often exceeds both NFPA and OSHA safety standards, a huge problem within itself.  V-COM solves these problems!

The third major issue was the need for tactical communications capability for administrative personnel that was clear, private (encrypted), and independent of the dispatch frequency.  V-COM provides a simple and affordable solution!

Want to know more about V-COM?  Go to for complete information.  You’ll be glad you did!