Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Everything you always wanted to know about NXDN™

Rarely does a day go by that someone doesn't have a question about NXDN™. Why does ICOM call it one thing and Kenwood another?  Who invented NXDN™ and why did they do it?  Does it talk as far as analog?  Farther?  Not as far? 

We received a call the other day asking if the F3161 NXDN™ compatible radio by ICOM was capable of operating in the mixed mode (i.e. analog and digital on the same channel) with the analog setting offering a choice of 25 or 12.5 kHz.  Apparently another NXDN™ compatible radio will not operate in the mixed mode at 25 kHz analog, only 12.5 kHz.  

We can’t speak for other brands, but we can say that ICOM gives you the flexibility you need in being able to select either 25 or 12.5 kHz analog plus 6.25 kHz digital on the same channel.  That’s just one more way of measuring value!

If you have questions like these, we are delighted to announce the availability of a 55 page presentation that will answer most of your questions, and maybe a few that you haven't thought of yet.  You can view this information, even download and print if you wish by going to www.info4u.us/NXDN_Background.pdf.  

Hope you find it interesting!

NXDN™ is a trademark of Icom Incorporated and Kenwood Corporation