Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Resolution

As many of our readers know, we frequently point out the need for compliance with FCC Rules.  We think this is important as governmental agencies are suffering from budgetary cutbacks resulting from declining tax revenues.  The State of New York reacted by passing over 80 new taxes in the month of December!

The FCC can't levy taxes.  They make their money by fees and fines. The auctions are pretty much over, and the fees for issuance of licenses is minimal, so what does that leave to produce revenue? If you guessed FINES, we think you might have guessed correctly. We think this is a pretty good reason for getting licensed if you are operating 2-way radios without a license or operating out of compliance with the terms of your current license.

Anybody can tell you what is wrong.  What is needed is a SOLUTION to the problem. We concluded that it was time to go to the war room (that's where we do all our planning). We came up with a revolutionary new program to provide a level of assistance in obtaining proper licensing, both for now, and for the future.  We are delighted to announce the results which we call the  FCC Licensing Assistance Program (LAP).  You can learn all about LAP by clicking here. Check it out. You'll be glad you did!