Friday, January 23, 2009

Battery Savers!

We sell a lot of replacement batteries to industrial, retail, and school portable radio users.  When we got to checking, we found several reasons for the high battery failure rates.  Many of the "Economy" radios purchased on line and in retail stores were equipped with Ni-Cd batteries which are easily damaged by overcharging.  Most radios used by schools and retail stores spend the majority of the time in the charger.  To address this issue, we have announced three new affordably priced radios with memory free Lithium-Ion batteries and "smart" chargers.  Additional information is available at

The second problem deals with using a portable radio as a fixed office station.  Not only does the battery get burnt up by overcharging, there is an additional problem with people "borrowing" the office radio and forgetting to return it.  A dandy little desktop radio is now available for under $300!  Additional information is available on the link referenced above.  A very informative video is available at  Check it out.  This may be just right for YOU!