Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Why buy a new battery when you can have a new radio for about the same cost?

CP Battery or CS Radio?

The Motorola CP200 has been one of the best selling radios in the USA for a long, long time!  So long, in fact that it is being discontinued.  Now you are faced with the decision to replace batteries and maintain what you have, or look at something new. We would like to offer a suggestion.......

A factory original replacement battery for the CP200 lists for $79. You can buy cheaper batteries, but you never know that you are getting original Motorola quality and performance. With that thought in mind, consider this.  For a limited time*, you can trade in any working CP200 radio for our new CS Series radio for a net cost difference of just $89 plus shipping.

The CS Radio is smaller and lighter than the CP200, yet it meets the same performance standards (5 watts VHF or 4 watts UHF with 16 channels and scan).  Both radios meet MIL-SPEC 810F but the CP200 is only IP54 rated.  The CS Series has the higher IP65 rating for maximum protection from dust and moisture. The CS Series has built in MDC1200 and 2-tone paging PLUS audible channel announce and TWICE the audio output power of the CP200!  Got some audio accessories like speaker-mics or headsets?  Here's some good news - Your CP200 audio accessories will work with the CS Series radios!

So the bottom line is that you can have a brand new radio with factory warranty for about $20 more than the cost of a replacement battery!  If you have anything to trade, you can purchase the CS Series radio (your choice of VHF or UHF with free programming) for just $149 plus shipping.  Want more information?  Want to try one?  Want references?  Just give us a call at 800.489.2611.  Don't miss out.  Call us today!

* Offer subject to cancellation without notice.