Thursday, November 27, 2014

Which Wireless Headset System Is Best For YOU?

Wireless headsets are increasing in popularity by a variety of users.  Traditionally, fire departments have been the major users of protective headsets, but needs are changing. Many need the ability to connect to 2-way radios.  Other simply want intercom capability and still others require hands free communications capability. After all the smoke (pun intended) has cleared, it appears that the two major contenders for providing wireless hands free headsets are FireCom (Sonetics) and Multi-Voice Radio (MVR).

Some users, such as Industrial Plants, Crane & Heavy Equipment Operators, Football Coaches, and large Wrecker operators have different needs than EMS, Fire and Law Enforcement SWAT team users. Each user group will have special requirements.  The trick is to pick the headset that is right for YOU!

To help you make the right choice, please visit for an introduction to the only long range digital system that doesn't require a base station or WiFi connection.  The MVR system can be used as a stand alone wireless intercom and/or as a long range extension for 2-way radios. After reviewing the MVR capabilities, you can learn more about FireCom wireless headsets, and how they compare to MVR by clicking here.

Which wireless headset system is best for you?  That decision is up to you.  Our job is to give you the information required to make the RIGHT decision.  For additional information or a demonstration, just give us a call at 205.854.2611, or drop us an email to