Sunday, November 2, 2014

At Last - A security system that gets help in a hurry with no monthly fees or contract!

Our new SiteSentry is designed especially for users in rural areas where response time is slow, by groups of people working together (business, residential, church and volunteer fire departments), by those wanting the fastest possible response time, and those who don't want a continuing monthly charge.

The typical home, church, or business security system requires a phone line (or cell phone service), a long term contract, and a monthly alarm monitoring fee.  Calls must be routed through a commercial alarm monitoring center, then to 911, and finally to law enforcement or fire and rescue as applicable.

The typical response time is ten minutes or more in urban areas.  In rural areas the response time can easily be 45 minutes or more.  Compare that to the typical response time using our new SiteSentry  system which averages two minutes or less! SiteSentry can be in touch with first responders while a conventional security system is still dialing the call to the alarm monitoring center! And, there are no long term contracts, monthly fees, or complicated installation procedures requiring the services of specialized installers. With SiteSentry, you can do everything yourself in just a few minutes. SiteSentry can protect people, property, and places! Want to know more? Click here!

Our November 2014 eNewsletter is now on line with lots of good information for our Business, Church, Fire Department, Industrial, and School readers.  Click here to view!