Sunday, August 18, 2013

The benefits of competition

A recent article in the Naples (FL) Daily News tells a story that is being repeated all over the USA. Click here to view the article.  The story is a nutshell is that the police department has requested funding for new portable radios for use by police officers.  The city council is responding by considering reducing the number of radios to be purchased by sharing, rather than assigning radios to each officer.

The police chief requested a five year budget approval of $240,000, or $48,000 per year to replace existing police radios.  That works out to $3,200 per radio with an equipment life calculated at 6 years,  No mention was made of maintenance, but presumably, maintenance would be extra.  The "benefit" of this new radio purchase would be one of providing an officer ID to dispatch.....

Several comments might be appropriate.  We offer a radio with officer ID for under $150!  Presumably, the system used in Collier County Florida by Naples and other law enforcement agencies is a trunked 800 MHz system using a proprietary operating system that limits competition.  

The State of Mississippi has a trunked 800 MHz system that covers in the entire state. The difference between the two systems can by summed up in one word - encryption, not just any encryption, but a proprietary encryption.  Mississippi caught on to this little trick and removed this "feature" which now allows free and open competition between multiple manufacturers.  The net result is the cost of a high quality radio was cut IN HALF with no loss in system performance!

As far as a six year operating life, and the cost of maintenance, we can show you how to extend the operating life to ten years, and cut not only equipment cost, but maintenance cost as well!  Want to know more?  Give us a call at 800.489.2611.  You'll be glad you did!