Sunday, August 4, 2013

So, why is Paul Smiling?

Could it be that the weather is clear and there are no power outages?  Or could it be that that he has a good job with an outstanding employer?  Or maybe he just got a new truck? Or maybe the truck is now equipped with a new 2-way radio that keeps him in constant contact with co-workers in other trucks? Or perhaps he just got new uniforms, even a pay raise?

Paul's employer, Tombigbee Electric Cooperative of Guin, AL recently decided it was time to equip their vehicles with 2-way radios.  The problem was that they needed an operating range of at least thirteen miles, direct truck-to-truck without a repeater.  Analog radios didn't do the job, but Hytera MD782 mobile radios met the challenge with the capability to communicate directly between Hamilton and Sulligent - a distance of approximately twenty miles (that's DIRECT miles, not road miles)!

Actually, it wasn't just the radios alone.  This remarkable range was made possible by a new antenna developed by EM Wave that doubles the efficiency of a standard antenna.  Providing the total package including external PA speakers on the vehicles, on-site installation at customer convenience, a great service plan and the flexibility to add enhanced services is why Tombigbee Electric chose Falcon Wireless Direct to supply their communications needs.  We don't just supply the minimum requirement.  We go the extra mile - sometimes MANY extra miles! If you would like to know more about our UtiliCom system for power utilities, click here.

By the way, the real  reason for Paul's smile is that his employer had just distributed new uniforms at the time this picture was taken.  But now, he has a lot more to smile about!