Sunday, March 24, 2013

Introducing, The Collaborators by Hytera from Falcon Direct!

The smallest, lightest, most powerful, full featured analog and portable radios available anywhere are now available to fit the very special needs of healthcare, industrial, and institutional users at great prices, a fantastic trade-in program, and our exclusive Forever Young service program.

That's the incredible TC-320 shown at the left in the upper left hand corner.  It's not much bigger than a business card, just a little thicker.  Weighing under five ounces, it is in a class by itself and the price is right - UNDER $150! At the bottom right is the smallest most powerful analog/digital radio available - the X1p with built in Bluetooth, audible and vibrate capability, text messaging, even built in GPS!  It is truly the best of the best for professional users. As for the other radios, just give us a call at 800.489.2611 for more information or visit the web page below.

The special radios being offered are only a part of what we are doing in 2013 for our school, hospital, and plant users. We are now offering solutions based products and services offered to provide affordable alternatives for specific user needs.  In particular, our industrial and logistics users will want to visit a special web page that address your needs for regulatory safety compliance as well as new wireless technology to extend your MES capability.  You can read more about our specialized offerings on our special Industrial Users web page at  Try the rest, then get the best!