Friday, March 15, 2013

HelpBoxes from Falcon Wireless Direct

Have you heard about HelpBoxes?  Two different models are available!  The one on the left is a One-Way HelpBox (1HB).  That's Candice Staggs doing the honors of holding it up for a picture.  At the right, I am holding a Two-way HelpBox  (2HB).  Both have the same basic function - to get help in a hurry when needed!

Both units are battery powered by a half dozen low cost alkaline batteries that last for up to a year before replacement is required.  Both will send you a voice message over an associated analog 2-way radio (either VHF or UHF) when batteries need to be changed. 

Both models are available with your choice of being set up on an existing FCC licensed two-way radio system or on an unlicensed  VHF radio frequency.  Operating range will vary depending on location, terrain, and type of radio system.  At the worst, typical range will be around a mile.  When communicating to a fixed station or repeater radio, the range can be up to 25 miles or more!

The 1HB model, shown at the left, can be programmed to send a recorded voice message at the press of a button, such as Assistance Needed at Location Seven.   The 1HB is our most affordable HelpBox, priced at just $325.  All of our HelpBox models are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. 

The 2HB model, shown below) allows the person needing assistance to TALK to the one who provides help.  Simple instructions are printed on the front of the unit. The 2HB is simple, efficient and affordable.

Two models are available.  The 2HB-1 is just $908 complete with batteries and mounting plate for attachment to any flat surface or post.  The 2HB-2 has built in voice prompts.  The person needing assistance receives an acknowledgement message when they first press the button advising them to stand by for a response.  The receiving radio receives a voice advisory providing the location of the calling unit when the button is first pushed.  The 2HB-2 is just $1,085.

The 2HB-2 is also capable of activating a strobe light to draw attention to the location by other people in the area.  This is a popular feature for use on school campus or dangerous work locations.  The strobe light option adds $350.

A solar power system adds $765 to the price of any HelpBox model.  Want to see an example of a HelpBox in action?  Click here!  Want a demonstration?  Give us a call at 800.489.2611.  Burch Falkner - At your service!