Thursday, August 9, 2012

Narrow banding out on the farm.......

Got an email from a mid-western farmer with a comment along the following lines: Hey Burch - We just narrow banded our UHF radio system and lost half our portable range.  What do we do now?   

As most of our readers know, we recently made the world aware of a terrible plague that is sweeping the heartland of the USA called  brevisfasciasyndroma. You can read more about it by clicking here.  Fortunately, we found a cure which involves a number of different treatments.  One of those remedies is to increase the efficiency of portable antennas.

Unfortunately, we could not use our premier solution for our farmer friend since it is currently available only for VHF users.  As it turns out, our friend could not use VHF radios since VHF radio harmonics can cause serious problems with GPS (Click here for more information).  So, we had to come up with a solution

Actually, we came up with two solutions.  The first was to replace existing antennas with antennas capable of doubling performance.  Additional information is available by clicking here.  Another sensible solution was to simply replace the analog portables (he only had four) with digital portables.  At a cost of only $499 including a five year warranty, the digital portables would be ideal for direct portable-to-portable communications while still being able to operate in the analog through his repeater and mobiles.  Additional information is available by clicking here.  And for first time purchasers, we are offering an instant rebate of $100 which lower your net cost per radio to just $399!

Simple solutions for serious situations is what we are all about.  Can we be of service to YOU?  Just give us a call at 800.489.2611 or email for assistance.  We welcome the opportunity to be of service!