Saturday, August 25, 2012

DetectCall Cell Phone Detection and Notification System Now Available!

DetectCall system by Falcon Wireless can detect the presence of cellular calls, polling, and messaging. Electronic sensors coupled with switch activated illuminated warning signs with audible alerts and/or voice annunciating VHF or UHF transmitters provide both local and remote notification as desired.

The all American made DetectCall  system has been developed especially for the needs of those who need to be silently notified when cell phone use is detected or to alert users that they are in a cellular restricted area or both notifications as desired.

The system is based on the highly reliable Model 810 cellular detection technology, developed by Enterprise Electronics, integrated with the Ritron RQT switch activated voice announcement system.  The calls can be received by the WatchDog personal alerting receiver, the 2TR9 fixed monitor receiver, or the JMX-142D  with 2-way transmit/receive capability.  The system can also be used with most Analog VHF and UHF radio systems or optionally integrated into DMR, NXDN or P25 digital communications systems.

Initially developed for the US military installations for a variety of applications, the technology is now available for commercial, educational, and institutional use. In addition to the direct radio notification models, Falcon Wireless offers models capable of transmitting alerts to cell phones, pagers, or tablet PC's with reporting by GPS location, street address or location ID.  Personal models are available for use in classrooms, offices, and other restricted areas at very reasonable cost.  If you would like to know more about cell phone detectors, click here.

Additional information is available on request by calling 800.489.2611 or dropping us an email to  Falcon Wireless, a sister organization of Falcon Direct, is an approved small business federal government supplier (CAGE Code 1CK23).  We are an approved vendor for payment by Wide Area Workflow (WAWF). Government and commercial credit cards are also accepted.