Monday, July 30, 2012

New SiteAlert detects and reports AC power failures at remote radio repeaters

Falcon Wireless has introduced the new SiteAlert, especially designed for 2-way radio users operating off-premise repeaters.  Three models are available in your choice of either VHF or UHF offering full compatibility with virtually all brands of analog radios and receivers.  

When activated, SiteAlert broadcasts a customized voice message, with or without paging alert tones for direct broadcast to ordinary 2-way radios. fixed monitor receivers such as our 2TR9 or personal radio pagers such as our WatchDog LT and M Series.  Customized programming is included in the price of each unit.  We also offer a low cost PC programming kit that provides user programming capability.

The SiteAlert Model  SA101, priced at $345, is a simple AC power failure reporting device that meets both ISO and NFPA power failure reporting standards.  The SA102, priced at $469, reports both power failure and power restoration.  This model is very well suited for users with generator backup since it announces power failure, power restoration when the generator comes on, and return of normal AC power.  The SA103, priced at $669 has all the features of the SA102 plus door alarm sensors to detect and report unauthorized entry.

The SA103 has capabilities that exceed those of any premise entry detection systems with instantaneous reporting.  No routing of calls to a remote security monitoring center is required.  Messages are broadcast directly over the users 2-way radio system and there are NO monthly charges.  AC power at the remote site is not required since all models can operate for up to one year from six internal AA batteries.  When the battery voltage is low, a low battery message is transmitted to alert the user to change the batteries. SiteAlert can pay for itself!  Your satisfaction is guaranteed! 

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