Monday, July 23, 2012

New Portable Radio Selection Guide Now Available!

As the requirement for narrow banding draws nearer, many 2-way radio users are finding that some of their portable radios cannot be converted to narrow band.  This essentially means these radios must be taken out of service or replaced.  Before making that decision; we think the logical first step might be to review what is available and THEN address the financial issues

We were invited to attend a volunteer fire department meeting last week to address the options.  We took five portable radios from the top four 2-way manufacturers with prices ranging from under $250 to under $500.  The radios were passed around and each member was asked to tell us which radio they would choose based purely on what they saw and their experience with other radios.  We did not provide any sales information or even disclose the prices, except to say that none of them cost over $500.

Surprisingly, everyone chose the same radio, and it wasn't the one we thought they would chose!  We'll be glad to tell you which one they chose, and why.  For the answer, just drop us an email to In the meantime, Andy has prepared a little video that you may find to be of interest. Click here to see the video, along with links for more information.  You'll be glad you did!