Monday, July 2, 2012

FEMA Confirms P25 Standard. Brickbats for some! Bouquets for others!

I have been asking for a clear definition of just exactly what is meant by the term P25 since 2007.  At last an answer has been given.  For those manufacturers like EF Johnson, Hytera, ICOM, Midland, Relm, and Tait; this is great news.  You have played by the rules.  For those that have not played by the rules and contributed to the waste of millions of taxpayer dollars and impeding of true interoperability, the news is not so good.

To those who play by the rules, I bestow upon you our bouquet award.  For those who don't I give your the brickbat award. You deserve it!  For those who are applying for a FEMA AFG grant this year, I encourage you to read the reply I received from FEMA by clicking here.  For those that have received FEMA grants within the last two years and spent all or part of your money on anything other than P25, get ready for an unpleasant surprise. If you recently were awarded a FEMA AFG grant and are planning to spend federal grant money for anything other than P25, you would be well advised to reconsider.  Click here for the latest update.