Tuesday, May 1, 2012

FEMA Grant Money Soon To Be Available!

FEMA will be opening the Assistance to Firefighter Grant (AFG) program shortly. Workshops are being scheduled this month with the application period expected to begin in June.  The schedule for workshop locations is available at http://www.fema.gov/firegrants/tools/workshop_schedule/index.shtm

We suggest that you check daily as the schedule is updated periodically with additional locations added as appropriate. In the past, we have brought together groups of departments for the purpose of applying for a regional multi-department communications grant.  This year we are revising our role to one of assisting those requesting our assistance in equipment planning (this is done at no charge) whether for an individual department or for a group of departments. The major difference this year is that our role will be one of responding, rather than initiating.

As an additional change, we will assist in grant preparation and serving as program administrator for those departments that desire such services.  In this capacity, we charge for grant preparation ($500) and for program management fees (3% of the equipment price for approved items).  Both of these fees are eligible for funding.  We cannot guarantee approval of your grant application, but we have many years of experience in this area. If you retain us to prepare your grant and as your program manager, we will be exempt from acting as a supplier since serving both functions would constitute a conflict of interest.  We are happy to serve in either role, as a potential communications supplier or as your grant writer and program manager.  We just can't be both.....

Our primary focus is on radio communications equipment.  If your interest is for a truck, turnout gear, or other items, we will be happy to recommend a grant writer who offers specialized assistance in this area.  We will provide program management services at our standard 3% reimbursable fee on any Assistance to Firefighter (AFG) grant project.  The complexities of program compliance, bid procedures, and administering the grant is a task requiring a considerable amount of time and experience in such matters.  As a reimbursable expense, we recommend including program manager services for any AFG grant project.

Additional information on what we do and how we do it is covered in our current eNewsletter which is available on line at http://www.falcondirect.com/newsletter/may.