Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New StreetCam+ Vehicle Camera System for Law Enforcement

At the recent Alabama League of Municipalities conference in Birmingham, Falcon Direct demonstrated the new StreetCam+ vehicle camera system especially for law enforcement use.  For less than $500, it is now possible to equip any vehicle with a dual camera system including a crash sensor, GPS tracking, Geo-fencing and all the features you would normally expect to find in systems costing thousands of dollars more. Click here for a short video about this incredible system

This amazing new system uses readily available smart memory cards with storage capacities of up to 64 GB (2 GB standard) and high quality video that can be easily transferred to any Windows based PC, laptop or net book for pre-trial review and/or court evidence. If desired, a  low cost option is available that instantly downloads recorded data to a department Wi-Fi hot spot.

Completing the package is a pocket audio recorder which can be use for recording conversations with traffic violators, complainants, or suspects.  Both the camera and the audio recorder files can be retained in MP3, WAV, or WMA formats.  

A lower priced version is available for those who wish to use the camera/recorder without the microphone for EMS, Fire, Utility, or commercial use.  Additional information is available at http://www.info4u.us/streetcam+.pdf or by calling 800.489.2611. Other professional grade vehicle camera systems are available with features and performance for the most discriminating user.  Drop us an email to ServingU@falcondiret.com for more information.

Now, here is the part that sets Falcon Direct and the StreetCam+ apart from every other vehicle camera provider in the industry.  First, we offer a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. Click here for details.  Second, at any time during the the first year, we will allow a 100% credit toward the purchase of any of our professional grade cameras.  You ARE going to be satisfied - we guarantee it!