Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another kick in the head for MotoTRBO

First it was a 10 watt limit on DMR radios (think MotoTRBO).  Now the Public Safety Communications Council (PSCC) is refusing to coordinate any non-voice use by DMR radios. Click here for the full story.

This means goodbye to GPS and Messaging for DMR users.  NXDN (think ICOM) doesn't have the problem.  Open standard P25 conventional (think of just about any manufacturer except the one promoting "Astro" enhanced P25) doesn't have the problem.  Even analog doesn't have the problem!

All you people who have been saying that MotoTRBO is the ideal public safety solution should let your voices be heard! Speaking of voices being heard, they have been loud and clear for over two years, and mostly ignored.  The MotoTRBO interference problem is not new! Click here and scroll down to the FCC report(under Committee Reports) issued in the April 2010 minutes of the Western Washington Cooperative Interference Committee (  It is through the efforts of people like this, that some level of control can be exercised over those who trample upon the rights of others.  No pay, no glory, not even appreciation, except maybe from those few of us who are thankful that such organizations exist. Keep it up guys and gals!