Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Comment on Conferences!

We have just returned from the Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police (AACOP) Conference recently held at the Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center in Montgomery, Alabama.  

I thought that a few comments were in order. Those of us who remember the AACOP conferences of just a few years ago were absolutely astounded at the changes that can be made by making the right selection for the management of association affairs.  The current team is as good at what they do as anyone anywhere in the USA.  They actually came up with a plan that virtually guaranteed that every attendee would visit EVERY vendor present!

What a change from the days of standing in the hall at a business motel spending most of our time talking to other vendors.  This year we were talking to those we serve (or those we wish to serve as the case may be).  Thanks guys – Your effort is MUCH appreciated!

An additional comment on the facilities is in order.  Over the years, we have attended conferences all over Alabama and elsewhere.  The selection of the Renaissance Center was perfect.  The location is generally centralized; the accommodations are first class, and the convention facilities are among the best in the USA.  This was and is an excellent choice!

All too often, we spend too much time complaining.  This is an exception.  On behalf of Midland Radio Corporation and Falcon Direct, we just wanted those who need to know that best effort professionalism is appreciated.  It was a great conference!

Oh, by the way – you may be wondering what the picture has to do with these comments.  It is just a reminder that this winter of snow and ice, WILL end, sometime (I think, maybe)!  Can you stay warm and stay cool at the same time?

Oh by the way #2.  For those who were unable to attend, we would be remise not to mention that one of hot topics of conversation was the move to narrow band and the choosing of the best operating system for today and tomorrow’s communications needs. Very shortly, we will be scheduling meetings around the state to honestly and objectively address these issues.  We will keep you posted, or you can call 800.489.2611 for a private meeting at your convienence.