Saturday, January 29, 2011

XTS® 5000 comparable P25 radio as low as $1,145 through March 31, 2011!

P25 is the approved technical standard for public safety communications.  Most of our readers know that.  They also know there are three levels of P25 radios.  Since most of our readers are familiar with Motorola, we will use the XTS Series as a standard of comparison.

The XTS® 1500 is for utility, not mission critical use.  The XTS® 2500  is essentially an entry level public safety P25 radio while the XTS® 5000 is a top tier public safety P25 radio.  Both the XTS® 2500 and XTS® 5000  are available in three models – non-display, display, and display with full touchpad.  When comparing other brands or models, we recommend using the XTS® 5000 as a basis for comparison.  Specifications for the XTS® 2500 are available by clicking here, or for the XTS® 5000 by clicking here.

I should point out that not all Motorola dealers offer the XTS Series P25 radios.  We are one of those dealers.  For a brief explanation of why we don’t offer the XTS series radios, please click here. We do offer the PR1500 series of Motorola P25 capable radios which is essentially comparable to the XTS® 1500.  Since this model is not rated for public safety mission critical use, it is not recommended for our public safety users.  We offer BK Radio, ICOM, and Midland radios which ARE rated for public safety use which brings us to the topic of this Blog.

The ICOM F9011 portable radio is comparable to the Motorola XTS® 5000 portable while the ICOM F9511 mobile is comparable to the Motorola  XTLTM 5000 mobile (Click here for specifications).  Specifications on the F9011 portable are available by clicking here. Specifications on the F9511 mobile are available by clicking here.

Now, if you are seriously interested in purchasing a top quality P25 portable or mobile radio, we invite you to call your local Motorola dealer and get their best price on the XTS® 5000 portable and the XTLTM 5000 mobile. Now, consider the following.

Between now and March 31, 2011, you can purchase the ICOM non-display model of the F9011 for just $1,145 including rapid charger.  The display model is just $100 more and the display with full keypad model is just $1,345.  If you need a mobile, the price of the 50 watt standard non-keypad F9511 model is just $1,200.  The keypad model is just $100 more.  If you want the top of the top of the line 110 watt model with keypad, you pay only $1,650!  If you’ve been looking for the best deal ever on a top quality P25 radio, your wait is over!  To order, just give us a call at 800.489.2611, but be sure you do it BEFORE March 31, 2011.