Friday, January 7, 2011

A Brief Message to FEMA Communications Grant Recipients

Congratulations to those who have been awarded a FEMA Assistance to Firefighters communications grant!  First, may we be among the first to congratulate you!  Second, we hope you will extend to us the privilege of being considered as a vendor, and third – we would like to bring to your attention some information of possible value.

Let’s start with what we offer.  We are essentially a wireless communication system provider which includes 2-way radios, vehicle intercoms, wireless fire notification devices and related items.  We are the leading provider of DHS, FEMA, SAFECOM, and US Forest Service VHF P25 equipment in Alabama offering BK Relm, ICOM, and Midland. Extensive information is available on our Blog site at by inserting the word P25 in the Search box.

As a FEMA grant recipient for P25 interoperable communications equipment, there are several items worthy of your attention (at least in our estimation).

1)    You have a choice of purchasing from either the Alabama State Contract or the Federal GSA contract, both of which offer discounts generally greater than you would receive by competitive bidding. 

2)    You can go to competitive bid with the understanding that the bids may come in higher than the State or Federal contract prices. There is also the consideration that the low price vendor may not offer the value, features, performance, and cost of operation desired.  Also remember that you can NOT evaluate the award based on local service considerations.

3)    Simple rule – you can purchase what you asked for, not what the local sales rep says is “a better deal”.  The dealing is done when you submit your application!  We know of one department that was approved for a regional grant involving four departments requesting P25 equipment.  They then decided to ask for a modification for non-P25 equipment since they could get more units for the same money.  Remember the Simple Rule – You MUST purchase what you asked for – PERIOD!  An attempted change without written approval can result in loss of funding and exclusion from applying for future grants.

Alabama State Contract pricing on our most popular P25 radios is available on request for your consideration. A demonstration and/or additional information is also available on request, Just give us a call at 205.854.2611 or email We look forward to serving you!