Monday, August 30, 2010

Is Low Band 2-way Radio Dead?

We don’t think so!  Low band (30-50 MHz) still provides more range for less cost than other frequency bands including VHF, UHF, or 800 MHz.  That’s why the California Highway Patrol with over 1750 base stations, the Florida Department of Transportation with over 150 new base stations and 500+ mobiles, and both the Maryland State Police and Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services have recently expanded their low band radio systems.

What do all these users have in common?  They all chose Midland as their supplier of choice.  Why Midland?  Because of problem elimination, performance, and price!  So what do we mean by problem elimination?  Well, the biggest problem facing low band radio users, like the American National Red Cross, is the lack of cost effective, lightweight, compact portables.  Midland has a solution with the Titan Mobile Command System, a 110 watt low band mobile radio with your choice of a built in VHF or UHF cross-band repeater.

With a Titan MCS, you can use low cost VHF or UHF portable radios and talk through the 110 watt mobile ON LOW BAND!  As to performance, we’ll put the Titan up against any other low band mobile.  Better yet, put a pair of well known competitive radios on scene and see what happens.  One of them will talk – the other will not.  Not so with Titan!  ALL Titan radios talk all the time, regardless and with a three year warranty on mobiles, and five years on base stations; Midland is the most cost effective radio you can buy – period!

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