Monday, August 23, 2010

DataBase 700 Fixed Office Station is ideal for Church, Fire Department, and School Use!

The new DataBase 700 fixed office station is available for either VHF or UHF use by Churches, Fire Departments, and Schools. The DataBase 700 fixed office station is a completely self contained 2-way radio transceiver with power supply and desk microphone at the incredibly low price of just $595 INCLUDING antenna!

The thing that makes DataBase 700 difference from other fixed office stations is it's ability to selectively signal up to 29 individual personal 2-way radios or to call all radios at the same time with an ALL CALL capability. Additionally, the DataBase 700 station displays the ID of each user by name! In the event of an emergency, users of HYT TC-700 Series radios can just push a button to call for assistance!

Speaking of the TC-700, the DataBase 700 station is fully compatible with any pager or radio using standard 2-tone receive signalling and MDC-1200 transmitter ID, but the best choice for most users with be the HYT TC-700 model portables. Additional information on these radios is available by clicking here.

Like to see a demo? Just give us a call at 205.854.2611 or send us an email to for dates of our next Webinar on the incredible new DataBase 700 fixed office station!