Saturday, December 19, 2009

New GPS Rental Program is just $10 per day!

GPS tracking devices can be used for a variety of applications including surveillance of criminal activities, administrative control, security, and safety. Tracking devices are available in two basic types - real time with monitoring over the Internet, and battery powered travel activity recorders which store data for later playback using a USB file transfer to a PC.

Real time GPS requires a wireless network, generally a cellular data service although satellites and even two-way radio systems can provide a means of transferring recorded data to a monitoring position (generally an Internet connected PC). The problem for many fleet administrators and law enforcement agencies is the need to commit to a purchase or long term lease agreement when the need may be temporary. Falcon Direct, now provides a solution for these needs - it's call SlapNGo Rental. Here's how it works!

You can rent a real time SlapNGo for just $10 per day including PC viewing software, a battery powered GPS receiver with cellular data transmitter, all network charges and maintenance subject to a 15 day minimum rental period. The SlapNGo device is housed in a weatherproof Pelican case with a powerful magnet that allows the unit to be placed in our outside the vehicle to be monitored.

The SlapNGo Jr. is a battery powered GPS receiver with recorder that can be placed anywhere in a vehicle and later retrieved for travel activity files to be viewed on an ordinary PC. Viewing software is supplied. The cost for SlapNGo Jr. is just $5 per day subject to a minimum 15 day rental period. There is nothing to buy, no maintenance charges, and no cellular airtime charges.

If you decide you would like a longer rental term or a purchase option on either unit, your rental will apply. For more information on SlapNG0 , please click here or for a demonstration, just give us a call at 205.854.2611