Monday, December 21, 2009

End of year closeouts!

We've got some radios that need to be cleared out before the first of the year. So, we are going to make YOU a very special offer. YOU name the price. Make us a fair offer and the radio of your choice is yours with free programming and shipping. All radios offered are either brand new in the box or used for demonstrations only.

Here's what we have available:

From HeadLine
Model HL1510, MURS VHF portable with desk chargers (19 available)
Model HL1511, VHF public safety radio with paging and desk charger (1 available)

From Maxon
Model SM1502, VHF 50 watt mobile, Demo - like new
Model SM1502, VHF 50 watt 255 channel mobile - New

From Motorola
Model EX500, 16 channel 5W, Demo - like new (no charger)
Model CP125V, 4 channel VHF portable - Quantity 1
Model CP125U 4 channel UHF portables - Quantity 2
Model HT1250 UHF portable (Quantity 1)
Model HT1250LS+ UHF trunking portable - Quantity 1

From Relm
Model RPV3000 VHF 16 channel portable
Model RPV3000 Plus VHF 128 channel portable with LCD display

To place your bid, call us at 205.854.2611 or email

All the best to you for the holiday season!
(Translated, that means.............................)
Merry Christmas!