Sunday, November 1, 2009

New EXTender links Nextels with conventional 2-way radios!

As many of our readers know, the trend from analog to digital is no longer a forecast for the future. It is happening right now in commercial, institutional, and governmental 2-way radio communications (Additional information is available at

What many of our readers may NOT know is that the Sprint-Nextel iDEN network is essentially based on analog technology. As we increasingly expand the applications for handheld devices, there is a growing need for speed and bandwidth to accommodate data usage. The iDEN system is typically limited to usable data speeds of 4800 to 9600 Kilobits with a reported 14.4 Kilobits maximum, whereas today's data capable phones and radios can handle speeds in the MEGABIT range.

Many financial and industry news sources are reporting that iDEN technology is not likely to survive beyond 2012. Even if the technology remains beyond 2012, you can generally assume that as consumption goes down, costs go up and it's no secret that Nextel subscribers are moving to more advanced technology in ever increasing numbers. In the meantime, Sprint is denying the abandonment of the Nextel PTT system. For additional information, please see:

Big system users, in particular, those who have large numbers of Nextel radios on single site facilities (hospitals, manufacturing plants, etc.) can benefit from new connectivity technology. One of the new offerings is known as The EXTender, a device which provides connectivity between the Nextel network and conventional 2-way radios.

Our new SiteBASE server can provide a bridge between Nextel and virtually any 2-way radio system for under $1,500 (excluding associated radios)! The SiteBASE system can connect virtually all brands of 2-way radios, conventional or trunked radio systems, and any frequency band including VHF, UHF or 800 MHz. More importantly, the SiteBASE system can optionally link PCs and many PDAs to provide direct computer or PDA connectivity to Nextel's to or from any location in the world!

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