Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Narrowband Licensing Information

As we get closer to mandatory FCC narrow banding for 2-way radio systems, the questions are starting to come with increasing frequency (pun intended for those who understand such things). So, we thought it was time to provide some straight answers about FCC licensing requirements for narrow banding.

One of our customers was told that there was no requirement to modify an existing FCC license when he switched from wide band to narrow band. Another was told that he would have to purchase new equipment to operate on narrow band. Still another was told that a radio system expressly designed for 12.5 Narrow Band operation could operate at 6.25 kHz Very Narrow Band, and the list goes on.......

Rather than contributing to the rumors, we decided that it would be a service to those we serve if we got the straight answers from the people who are in the know. We share their comments at along with a few of our own. We hope you will find this information to be useful, and as always, we are here to serve YOU!