Friday, November 7, 2008

On-Site Communications Update

Some people don't know that there is an American communications manufacturer that actually makes their products in the USA (Carmel, Indiana to be exact) employing American workers (not a single "undocumented worker" in the whole plant).  The company, Ritron Inc., is named after the founder, Bill Rice.  It is still a family owned company specializing in developing and producing unique products to serve specialized communications needs.

We were recently asked to effectively explain what these products do, how they work together, how they are applied for the benefit of prospective users, and to provide simple and complete pricing information.  By the way, we had to condense the whole thing down to two pages!  Surprise, surprise - we did it!  If you are involved in any endeavor that could benefit from improved on-site communications, we think you find this information helpful in obtaining better administrative control, enhanced safety, and an improved ability to better serve those you serve.  Complete information is available at