Saturday, November 8, 2008

New E-Vision System for Prisoner Transport Vehicles

The use of vehicle camera systems in law enforcement vehicles has proven to be very beneficial in reducing litigation costs and improving administrative control.  Similar technology can now be used in prisoner transport vehicles to enhance officer safety while providing better administrative control.  The new E-Vision surveillance and tracking system monitors and records all activity in the prisoner transport area as well as continually recording vehicle travel.

A 5' monitor mounted in the driver compartment allows viewing of the prisoner(s) at all times. In addition, all activity is recorded and saved to a Compact Flash (CF) card with up to 8 hours or recording time.  Data from the CF cards can be viewed using an on board Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and the vehicle monitor or transferred to a standard Windows PC using a CF card reader supplied with the system.  No expensive back office equipment or monthly service charges are applicable.

Monitoring of prisoner activity is of significant benefit, but that is just part of the capability of the E-Vision System.  This incredible system monitors and records all vehicle activity including stops, travel routes and speed.  The same CF data card can be used to view all vehicle traffic activity, a tremendous administrative tool!  Additionally, if your vehicle is involved in an accident, you'll have evidence you need in the event of litigation.  The price is right!  The benefits are incalculable!  Additional information is available at