Friday, November 7, 2008

New EMS products announced at AARS Conference!

Candice Niedermeir (0n the right) and Joy King (On the left) are enroute today to attend the Alabama Association of Rescue Squads conference in Mobile, AL representing Falcon Direct. They will be introducing and re-introducing special products and services especially suited to the needs of emergency medical operations. An overview of our offerings is available on line at Some of the items and services, you may have seen before, some are brand new, and that is our subject for today!

One of our new products is the E-Vision Vehicle surveillance and tracking system. This incredible product monitors and records all activity in the patient transport area as well as tracking and recording every move by emergency vehicles for playback as required. Not only is E-Vision a great administrative tool, it is extremely valuable in litigation issues. The complete system is well under two thousand dollars which is about a fifth the cost of going to court as a result of a case charging negligence or accidents involving emergency vehicles. You can learn more about E-Vision at

We are also making a special offer to introduce our EMS users to the benefits of digital communications. We have purchased a quantity of ICOM radios capable of operating on standard, narrow band, or very narrow band channel spacing in either an analog or digital mode (or both) at a very good price. We are ready to pass the savings on to our customers by offering TWO radios for the price of one! Additional information is available at This offer ends November 30, 2008 or upon depletion of stock. Call us at 800.489.2611 or email sales@falcondirect.comTODAY!