Thursday, December 31, 2015

Our New Look for 2016

We're Going Mobile!

Most everyone makes New Years resolutions.  Ours is to serve you better by making it easier to get faster, easier access to information on our products and services!  That means going MOBILE for our Smartphone and Tablet users plus adding video messages on our regular web pages. And, that's not all!

We are also forming alliances with key partners to combine capabilities to provide you with products, and services like you will find nowhere else!  The first of these alliances is with Birmingham Two Way, one of the oldest and  most experienced communications companies in the USA.  

The picture at the left is the mobile version for our web site. We are doing some very unusual things as you will discover when you visit our mobile site by clicking here. If you prefer a web page optimized for desktop or laptop PC's, you are only a click away from the standard web site. On this web site, as well as our regular Falcon Wireless and related web sites, you will be greeted by a short one minute video to give you an overview of what we do, how we do it, and why that may be of benefit to anyone seeking the best value in airtime free wireless communications.

Later this month, we will be "mobilizing" our Falcon Wireless web site as well as several other web sites which will be available shortly.  New products developed by key channel partners as well as a complete family of products of our own manufacture will be available to enhance the benefits of private wireless communications.  We believe 2016 is going to a great year.  All of us here at Falcon Wireless, and those who are working with us, wish you a very Happy New Year with our pledge to to do our best to help make 2016 YOUR best year ever!

Want an example of our commitment? One of our 911 customers called at 10.30 AM on New Years eve advising that a police repeater was down.  They are 100 miles away.  By 5:00 PM, they were back on the air and I still got home in time to see the Cotton Bowl, which unfortunately was not that good a game (at least for Michigan.....).