Thursday, June 26, 2014

Doofus Award presented to the State of Ohio for the poorest excuse for school safety ever conceived!

Wowee!  Parents in Ohio can sleep well tonight knowing that their children will be safer as a result of incredible technology developed by a major manufacturer to help keep schools safe!  It's called MARCS.  Click here for the full story.

Remember John Kasich, former good guy from Fox News? He was the guy that was going to bring good government to Ohio.  If the MARCS program is any example of his idea of good government, I think Ohio will have another governor come next term.

Here's the story.  When there is a problem in a school, the key to dealing with the situation effectively is to get law enforcement feet on the ground, on scene, as quickly as possible. Calling 911, or ANY type of phone dialing to a centralized dispatch center is simply too slow (average response time around ten minutes).  So, the better way to get in touch with law enforcement is by communicating directly by 2-way radio!  We've been doing that for the better part of a decade with simple push button calling units that cost less than $400 using an American made product built right across the Ohio state line in Indiana.  Do you think the bureaucrats in Ohio even looked at anything else other than the single solutions provided by a single solutions provider?  Nah!

Did they get good deal for buying so many?  Nah! What they got was an overpriced band aided mobile radio with a big red push button and they received grant money for $2,000 each.  And, a new state office had to be set up, complete with a director, programmer, and heaven only knows what all else. Simple to use?  Nah! School personnel had to go to special classes to learn how to push the big red button.  BTW, the $400 solution doesn't require the school personnel to say a word.  The little box with the little red button does it for them!

If you are a school official, a taxpayer, or a parent; and you want a simple and affordable solution for making your school safer, give us a call at 800.489.2611 or drop us an email to We can equip five schools for the price of one MARCS unit, do it better, and you won't have to pay the salaries of a newly formed state agency or even have to go to school for operating instructions.  AND, if you REALLY want a real solution, we can provide individual call buttons for only $99 per classroom!  Instead of that two thousand dollar red button box in the front office, we could provide emergency calling capability for up to TWENTY classrooms!  Nice job Governor Kasich, the technical team that put came up with this magnificent solution, and all the bureaucrats that jumped on bandwagon!  YOU have won the Doofus award for this month!
Phone Courtesy of Media General - NBC Channel 4 - Columbus, Ohio