Friday, April 11, 2014

World's Toughest AND Most Affordable Portable Radio

Got an email several days ago asking for the best price on a digital portable radio.  It appeared that the inquirer was more interested in durability than it being digital.  Presumably, a presentation had been made demonstrating the value of the product being offered that stressed digital as somehow having something to do with reliability and low operating cost. Another user with a similar request wanted a radio with high audio output for use in noisy areas, and a third was concerned about operating costs (batteries, repair, and accessory cost).

The fact is that digital is not necessarily the best choice for any of these applications although in some instances it can be a good choice.  For example, the lowest priced digital radios are typically in the $400 range. Warranties range from one to three years. Most are rated for MIL-STD 810D and IP67 ratings which are very good.  Audio output is not so good - typically 500 mW.  Flat rate repair after the warranty expires range from $195 UP! Conversely, we offer an analog radio with a three year warranty, the same technical ratings and TWICE the audio power (1000 mW) at about HALF the price of a digital radio ($258) and about HALF the cost of a flat rate repair ($125).  AND we offer a very affordable loaner/exchange program for use both during and after the warranty.  Click here for more information. Not only are batteries for analog about half the cost of digital but accessories as well.

So, before you throw the baby out with the bath water, maybe it would be to your advantage to take a look at what appears to be the TOUGHEST RADIO IN THE WORLD!  We had to go to Sweden to see it (via the Internet of course).  I speak just enough German to get the drift of what the little lady is saying in her native language, but I think anyone will get the message just by watching the video.  The test involves the radio known as the TP-8000 in the USA.  In Sweden and Norway, it is called the Zodiac eXtreme. After you see the video, I think you will understand why this radio is well suited for EXTREMELY tough use.  Click here, then click on the play arrow in the panel showing the guy with the shotgun, and Yes, before you ask, he IS going to use it!  After viewing this video, I think you will agree that this is one tough radio, and it may well be the toughest radio or at least one of the toughest radios in the world!  For more product information, click here

Lastly, consider trying the TP-8000 series radios before choosing any other portable 2-way radio.  You can order a pair (your choice of VHF or UHF) by clicking here.  We will program them on your frequency at no extra charge.  We'll even cover the shipping.  You can try them for up to 15 days and if you are not completely satisfied, return them in original condition for a full refund.  Who else can make an offer like that?  If you have questions, call us at 800.489.2611 or drop us an email to  We'll always shoot straight with you!