Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Paging for Fire Department Users of MotoTRBO Trunked Radio Systems

We all know (or should know) that the purpose of fire department communications is to (1) Alert first responders whether paid or volunteer, preferably with a means of acknowledging, and (2) Provide a means of communicating on the fire ground (not necessarily with the same devices used for alerting) and for firefighter safety and work force management, and (3) To provide a means for Incident Command to communicate with Dispatch, support services, and mutual aid as required.

Unfortunately, these basic needs have apparently been forgotten as users have flocked to trunked radio systems such as MotoTRBO Capacity Plus or Connect Plus which do a tremendous  job of connecting large work groups over extended operating areas. This is great for commercial and utility operations, but completely misses the mark in addressing the needs of mission critical fire communications (Maybe that's Motorola never advertises MotoTRBO as Mission Critical capable, among other reasons relating to incompatibility with other radio systems).   

For example.  How do you most efficiently alert volunteer first responders? The traditional answer is by pagers, normally voice; but in some circumstances by digital text messaging.  The problem is that there are no pagers that are compatible with MotoTRBO, or for that matter, any other digital trunked radio system. Personal portable radios provide a limited capability for selective calling, but they are big, heavy, and expensive.  Volunteer firefighters want something simple, lightweight, and inexpensive; like a pager for example, but that's not an option - or is it?

If your department or county association has purchased a trunked radio system, only to find out that it lacks in the fundamental function of being able to efficiently notify first responders; you need to know about an incredible new system that meets ISO requirements for verifiable  message delivery,  provides status of personnel at all times, and automatically generates incident reports. It's all made possible by a system called SPARKGAP!  Of equal importance, you need to be getting your information ready to apply for  the 2014 AFG fire grant program which could be opening very soon.

If you would like to know how to add the ability to meet your basic needs to any trunked radio system regardless of operating band or even if you have coverage issues, you need to be talking to us.  You can call us at 800.489.2611 or drop us an email to We'l be looking forward to hearing from you!