Saturday, December 14, 2013

Greetings from Falcon Direct's Santa Land!

Hi Boys and Girls!  My name is Candice Claus (at least during the Christmas season).  I am one of the elf associates at Falcon Direct.  I was told to come up with something really great for good boys and girls as my own Christmas Special.  So, here's the deal!  If you will purchase just one of my incredible TP8000 series VHF or UHF portable pager/radios, I'll give you a FREE candy cane!

OK, I'll admit it's not much of a gift, so let me do something else!  I'll throw in built in Blue Tooth that works with our wireless speaker-microphone or headset accessory.  Still not enough?  I will include a FREE wireless speaker-microphone or headset (your choice).  How's that for a great deal?

Did I forget something?  Oh yes, maybe you didn't know that the TP8000 is the ONLY radio that has survived the Swedish survival test!  It is small, lightweight and SUPER tough!  You can read all about it by clicking here!  Here's one more free thing I'll do.  I'll give you a $45 trade in allowance for any radio or pager you have, working or non-working.  I'll even give you trade in allowance even if you don't have anything to trade! All you pay is just $213 and that INCLUDES free built in Blue Tooth, your choice of a free wireless speaker-microphone or headset, a trade-in allowance (even if you don't have anything to trade), free programming AND a free candy cane!  How's THAT for a Christmas present?