Thursday, July 18, 2013

First Bouquet and Brickbat Award for 2013

Our winner for the Bouquet Award for July is Mr. John Johnson for his statements in a recent Mission Critical Communications article where he correctly stated the real cause of failure for interoperable communications.  A copy of that article is available by clicking here.

Mr. Johnson's views reflect the frustrations of many of us in the industry.  In the politest of terms, Mr. Johnson hits the nail on the head.  The reason interoperability has failed is lack of oversight and administration by the responsible federal and state agencies, greed and self interest by manufacturers and their distribution channels, and lack of knowledge by user agencies.

Those who have tried to correct the mistakes in the marketplace have been stonewalled, ridiculed, and persecuted. The people who have worked so hard in establishing P25 interoperability with open standards have been received no support from government, the communications industry, or even those who would benefit by open competition. 

Thank you Mr. Johnson for telling the APCO side of the story.  You deserve a Bouquet.  As for the manufacturers and dealers who have ignored the common good of this country for individual gain, I bestow upon you, the Brickbat award!