Thursday, July 18, 2013

An Introduction to Samaritan Services

For some of us, our goals are more oriented toward doing the right thing than winning. On that conclusion, I decided there is a need for a reputable, competent , and objective resource to aid communications users. Our function is to help others in getting their best value for their communications investment, while simultaneously complying with unclear regulations that could result in substantial financial risk.

You don't get this kind of information from a sales rep.  The information you receive is to help the sales rep make a sale.  True salesmanship is based on presenting facts, features, and benefits that help the customer.  Unfortunately, not every sales rep is equipped, or chooses to perform this function.  That is why we feel a customer advocate service is needed to help you stay on the road and out of the ditch!

Please understand that this new role is not as a consultant, but as a team member. Our services can range from simply making sure you are compliant with current FCC licensing requirements.  Whether you are a private business, church, school, county or municipal agency, the chances are fairly good that you are NOT in compliance with FCC rules.  Ignorance of FCC rules can have major negative financial consequences. 

For those who have beem approved or federal funding on communications equipment, you need to know that there are two standards - rules and policy.  Not knowing the difference can cost you a lot money.  And, managing a major grant is NOT for people who have regular jobs, a family, and a life. Having someone to help with the details is well worth the minimal cost

The simple process of planning for the migration to upgraded technology is an overwhelming task.  You don't need an opinion from a single vendor.  You need someone who can objectively work with you in separating the wheat from the chaff. That's the job of Samaritan Services.

You can learn more about Samaritan Services by clicking here.  Check it out.  Your time will be well invested!  Burch Falkner and the Samaritan Services team. BTW, if you would rather just talk, call me personally at 205.202.1269 or email We'll keep you out of the ditch!