Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Strategic Alliance Formed To Provide Enhanced Safety

Burch Falkner, President of Falcon Wireless Direct, today announced the establishment of a strategic alliance to address the convergence of access control, security cameras, and wireless communications services for business, institutional, and governmental users.

We were considering expanding our capabilities in wireless services to include access control and camera systems, but decided in favor of working with existing providers rather than starting two new ventures on our own. We had already decided to enter the energy management business, which we started in 2013 as a separate division which will support all three members of the new alliance.

Discussions with Terry Sullens of Eden Security concluded in the decision to expand an existing working relationship by adding a mutual associate involved in access control.  This new alliance strengthens the capabilities of all three organizations.

Rusty Moore of RM Security Systems adds the enhanced capability of providing affordable and efficient access control systems for the client base served by Eden Security and Falcon Wireless Direct.  This new alliance will greatly expand our capabilities in serving the unique needs of governmental, industrial, and institutional clients.

For additional information on some of our unique wireless products, please visit or call us at 800.489.2611.