Sunday, February 3, 2013

Looking for a workhorse portable radio?

Check this out!  

Our newest portable radio is the TP-5000 Series.  It is physically the same size and weight as the popular TP-8000 Series.  The TP5000 has the same power  (up to 5 watts) warranty (3 years), battery capacity (2200 or optionally 2600 mAh), and extra loud audio (1 watt).  Technically, the TP-5000 has 16 channels with voice annunciation instead of an LCD display, IP54 rated (like most other portables) versus the extra rugged IP67 rating for the TP-8000 series, and channel capacity (16 versus 512).  

If you want a great little radio at a fantastic price, the TP-5000 is the radio for you.  Accessories are interchangeable with TP-8000 series radios. Speaking of price, the TP-5000 is only $217, and we'll give you a $45 trade in allowance for any old radio or pager for a net cost of just $172!.  Specifications are available by clicking here. If you are ready to order, click here to order the TP-5116 VHF model or here to order the TP-5416 UHF model!