Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fire Protection and Safety Grant Program opens December 17th

The 2012 Fire Prevention and Safety Grant Program opens on December 17th.  You will have 31 days to prepare and submit your application.  We’ve got some good news and some bad news – the bad news first.  Historically most departments don’t even make an attempt to apply for this grant.  The ones that do, traditionally apply for smoke detectors, coloring books, and an occasional trailer.  These are all useful, but in many cases already done.  
So the question is what kind of program is available that is truly unique, never been done, can be effective in saving lives, and a virtual slam dunk to be a winner for funding?  That’s the good news!  We have developed such a program.  It is efficient, affordable, and manageable.

If you are involved in fire protection services and would like to do something really good for your community, we would welcome the opportunity of working with you.  For additional information, please drop us an email with full contact information along with a short note to request details.  Upon receipt, we will get back to you. This information will not be given by phone or published for the general public.  

Our email address is  We look forward to hearing from you!