Monday, November 12, 2012

A special message for Hospital 2-way Radio Users

Are rules, regulations, policies, mandates, procedures, and changes relating to the operation of hospital wireless communications systems giving you a king sized headache?

We're not surprised!  With no less than ten regulatory agencies involved with helping you do your job, often with conflicting policies, changing procedures, lack of guidance, and unfunded mandates; things can get a little confusing.

When a directive is issued that all 2-way radios must be narrow banded by the end of 2012,  the question then arises - Which 2-way radios?  In the typical hospital there can be ten or more different types of "2-way radio systems", each with a different set of licensing and operational requirements.

Then someone throws a bunch of terms at you that were never taught in the medical or even business administration professions.  Words like "D" Block, P25, FCC licensing, Interoperability, and Narrow Banding can be REALLY confusing! 

So the question is - Where do you go for help?  The answer is RIGHT HERE!