Friday, April 13, 2012

Which is better? Analog or Digital?

Richard Dawson, best known as a long time host of the  Family Feud TV series, put passion in the words Survey says!  In most cases, the contestants were almost always out of sync with what others said.  The debate on the pros and cons of analog versus digital radios would be a classic with manufacturers on one side and public safety users on the other when asked the question, which is better - analog or digital radios?

We all know the answer by the manufacturers - privacy, longer battery life, and enhanced features to name a few.  Conversely, from the user perspective, the answers are quite different.  Just yesterday I spoke with several MotoTRBO users.  From a police department official -  I hate the damn things.  I no longer know what is going on!  From an officer with a large municipal police department.  If the siren is on, forget about talking on the radio! And, from a fire department user, If it were not for federal funding, we would never have switched, and just between you and me - we don't even operate in the digital mode.  Analog works much better for us!

Well now, isn't that a kick in the head?  Could it be that digital is NOT the answer to everything?  We recently had a poll on our web site that allowed participants to check the answer of their choice (Analog better than digital, MotoTRBO better than analog, NXDN better than analog or P25 better than analog).  When the survey closed, 100% of the participants chose analog.  There was one vote for MotoTRBO, but the user removed their answer before the poll closed. We just never know do we?