Sunday, April 1, 2012

An introduction to the Future - Part Two

URNXMobileIf you think our new portable is something, wait until you see URNX mobile!  One of the biggest needs for public safety and utility users is to extend the range of a portable to equal that of a mobile radio. All kinds of lame solutions have been tried with none of them proving to be practical.

And then, along comes URNX mobile radio equipped with extended Blue Tooth capability with an operating range of up to 328 feet!  With this incredible mobile, you don't need a vehicle repeater, receiver voting systems, or additional repeaters.  The micro sized BT Companion ELIMINATES the need for a portable radio.  It is about half the size and weight of even the smallest portable radios and it can talk through the associated mobile radio at distances exceeding 300 feet!

A law enforcement officer now can communicate when out of the vehicle at full mobile operating range with no portable radio required!  A fire chief can communicate from the fireground without returning to the vehicle and a utility worker can communicate from a bucket extension just like they were sitting in the vehicle cab!  Are you ready for the price? Just $695 for the complete package including a 50 watt VHF or 40 watt UHF radio.  All you add is an antenna and installation.  If you wish, you can purchase the TP-8000 series mobile without the wireless microphone for just $365 and add the wireless microphone extender system later. Additional information is available at Want more information?    Give us a call at 800-489-2611 or drop us an email to for more information on URNX mobile.  The future is here - TODAY!   

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