Tuesday, January 10, 2012

APCO-25 Phase Two Revisited

Some of the experts on the subject of APCO-25 (P25) recently convened to discuss the progress of the second phase of this antiquated, committee designed technology that has no rightful pace in today's marketplace.

As you sit in on the round table (actually, a square table) discussion, you will most likely come to the same conclusion as I.  My comments are at the bottom of the page at www.p25phase2.com/?gclid=CKy9iau9xK0CFUmR7Qod5U9uAA.  So the real question is Why do we keep pouring millions of dollars into a technology that is neither efficient or affordable?  I think you already know the answer.  If you take away federal funding, this technology would not last till the end of the day!

Some of you may recall that historically, we have been a staunch supporter of P25 technology. Some may be wondering why we have changed our position.  That is a legitimate question.  For the answer, click here!

So what is better?  Most anything, including analog, DMR, LTE, NXDN, or TETRA, even iDEN!  If you would like additional information on practical narrow band planning, we invite you to visit www.info4u.us/Analog_Planner.pdf and www.info4u.us/MigrationPlan.pdf.  Better yet, give us a call.  That's what we are here for - to help YOU!