Friday, July 29, 2011

New "T2" Series P25 portable radio beats them all in price and performance!

Well it had to happen sometime!  That sometime is NOW!  For the first time ever, an American manufacturer is offering a top quality P25 portable radio for just $1,178 for the non-keypad model of $1,211 full keypad model with display to our public safety users.  Relm Wireless, through Falcon Direct, is now  offering four additional KNG "T2" Series portable radios with two of them being keypad programmable!

The "TII" Series radio have all the features in the  standard KNG including  IP67 Submersible capable, Class A-TIA specification, 12 hour talk time with the 1950 MAH lithium battery and weighs just 16oz (22 hour talk time with the 3900 MAH battery), optional AA Clam Shell.  The "T2" Series Clones to all other BK radios. It's MIL-STD 810 C, D, E, F and it is "Made in America!"  The only differences in the new "TII" Series radio is that it is designed only for conventional (non-trunking) use and it has a channel capacity of 512 versus the 2048 channels available with the trunking KNG models.

Battlefield tested, over 9000 units have been in service in Afghanistan with the US Army for over the past year. Performance beat out all competitors and for value, nothing else even comes close!  Want to try the KNG "TII" Series?  Just give us a call at 800.489.2611.  If you would like a side by side specification and price comparison with two other models of our most popular radios, please click here.  For detailed product information, click here.  If you are using or plan to use P25 radios, THIS is the radio for you!

For information on other Relm Wireless products,  including two transportable P25 repeaters for incident command and emergency backup for UNDER $6,000, see our Relm GSA price schedule at You'll be glad you did!