Monday, April 11, 2011

Hytera Advanced Capabilities

As a part of our services to those we serve, or hope to serve; we continually provide factual information of advances in technology, regulatory issues, and common sense alternatives in purchasing the most effective communications systems.

One of the major contenders in digital communications was essentially unknown to us just a few short years ago.  Hytera has come from virtually nowhere to a world class contender in communications, in particular the DMR standard.  The primary features and benefits are discussed elsewhere on our Blog, but there are some new capabilities that we felt would be of interest for those who are migrating from analog to digital mentality.

The limitations of analog are well known.  One of the major constraints of analog is the ability to operate and control multiple antenna sites.  Today, we have the capability of inexpensively linking sites by radio (Click here for more information) or via the Internet (Click here for more information).

We can even cross link repeaters (Click here for more information) or provide high level security with up to 256 bit encryption (Click here for more information).  If you like an assist in developing your long term system evolution for your 2-way radio system, we invite you to review the aforementioned White Pagers.  There is a lot of good information available to help you make the right choice - both for now, and for the future!